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Get Your Home's True Rental Value

Are you wanting to know what your rental property's monthly rental income potential is? Many homeowners are curious about renting out their home, but are unsure of what to ask for a monthly rental rate.  The most accurate way to assess a home's monthly income potential is by contacting a property management company in your area and asking what your home will rent for. Use the search form below to find a property manager in your area:

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If you are considering or have even began advertising to rent out your home, the smartest move you can make is to contact a local property manager and get a free estimate of what they estimate your home will rent for.  Don't leave money on the table by guessing your rental's monthly rate.  Rent your property faster, receive more income and get the most accurate and up-to-date rental value for your neighborhood by seeking the advice of a property management company.

There are three reasons why hiring a real estate professional is a smart move for any homeowner considering to rent out their property.

  1. Property managers know the rental market in your area.  Knowing the rental potential of particular sized homes in their city and the differing neighborhoods is their business. This is what they do day after day. No one will know the rental value of your home better that a professional. 

  2. The more money they make you, the more money they make themselves. Property management companies are typically paid a percentage of the money they make you.  It only makes sense for them to make as much money for you as possible because they too will make more money.  One of their goals is to make as much money for you as possible.  Real estate professionals want to make sure you rent your home out as fast as possible and as much as the market allows. This ensures that they will make you more money, make themselves more money and keep you as a return client. A happy client is a return client. 

  3. Much less hassle for you.  Not only does a property manager try to make you as much money as possible, they are also managing your property for you. This means that you do not have to deal with tenants. It also means they do services that a typically homeowner can't do, such as background checks and running credit scores to ensure that the person living in your property is going to be able to pay you on time. They also collect the monthly rent. If a tenant does pay within the agreed upon time, they do the dirty work, not you.  If an appliance breaks or the neighbor's dogs are barking, the tenant complains to them, not you.  You will never hear from a tenant, only from the property manager.  If you have ever rented a property by yourself, you know what a headache dealing with a tenant can become. Remove that aspect of renting your home and have someone do it for you! Hire a property manager today.

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