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Improve the placement of your rental listing in the search results by making it a Featured Listing. Featured listings display above all Bold and Standard listings. It also allows you to upload 12 photos.

- Featured Listings receive 60% more page views than Standard Listings and 35% more page views than Bold Listings.
- Allows you to upload up to 12 photos of your property instantly.
- Featured Listings are randomly rotated on the right-side of their associated property type, state, and city pages free of charge.
- 80% of potential tenants begin their rental search from a state page, so let them see your listing first!
- Your listing will remain featured as long as the listing remains on the website.
- Cost effective at only $14 (a one time fee).

How To Make Your Listing a "Featured" Listing:
1. Near the end of the "Sign Up" process, you will be given the option to "Feature" your listing.
2. If you want to "Feature" an existing listing, login to your account and click the "Upgrade" link.




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