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Section 8 Housing Application

How to apply for Section 8 application:
To apply for Section 8, you will need to complete a Section 8 application form at your local Public Housing Agency (PHA).

Apply for a Section 8 Application by finding your PHA office.

Also known as "housing choice vouchers", Section 8 is a low-income rental housing assistance program designed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  It is designed to help people pay for rental housing who would not typically be able to afford it.

After you have contacted your local PHA office, they will collect information on your families total household income to determine if you are eligible for the Section 8 program.  They use total household income on family members who are 18 and over.  To determine your families total household income, these nine items will be used:

  1. Salaries, wages, tips and commissions.
  2. Payments from annuities, pensions, Social Security, SSI, death benefits, insurance policies, and disability.
  3. Business income.
  4. Any interest and dividends.
  5. Rental income earned minus any expenses.
  6. Gifts.
  7. Unemployment.
  8. Alimony and child support received
  9. TAFDC, EAEDC and any other cash assistance.

If your family is eligible, your local PHA office will either put you on a waiting list (in areas where there are a large number of applicants) or provide assistance immediately.

For those who have already applied and been accepted to the Section 8 program, use the following page to find Section 8 Housing online now.

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