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Rental Agreement Form offers two different types of rental agreement forms.  A free version and a professional, legally binding form.

Download Professional Rental Agreement Forms by State
These are the same forms that lawyers would use. Legally binding and designed specifically for your state.

Download Free Rental Agreement Form offers a free rental agreement form.  We do not guarantee this agreement to be legally binding in your state.

Select the Rental Agreement Form to Download

Rental Agreement Form:

Legally Binding



We highly recommend using a rental agreement form prepared by a qualified attorney that is legally binding rather than using a free one.  By using the links above, you can ensure that the form you download online is legally binding as it is prepared specifically for your state by a legal professional.  Doing so ensures that your agreement with the tenant is legally binding and that both parties understand what is agreed upon.  A rental agreement is to be signed by both parties and is the best way for you and your tenant to understand what is expected by you and what is expected from your tenant.

A proper agreement should do several things:

  1. Properly identify the rental property.
  2. Designate the extent of use of the property.
  3. Specify the amount of rent, when it is to be paid and any associated penalties for being late.
  4. Provide the amount of security deposit and any consequences if defaulted on.
  5. What constitutes a default and any consequences of defaulting.

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