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Find great furnished rentals in your area instantly by searching our huge selection of fully furnished apartments, condos, houses and more.

Furnished rentals include rental property types such as:
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• Furnished houses
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If you are looking for a fully furnished property for rent, click on the locations above or read more about popular furnished property types below.

Searching for a fully furnished apartment for rent?
Find furnished apartments for a more convenient apartment living experience. There are numerous items to consider when renting an apartment, such as price, neighborhood, proximity to work, size, nearby schools and more. One such item to consider is whether to rent a partially furnished apartment, fully furnished apartment or an unfurnished apartment? Moving furniture can be a hassle, but with a fully furnished apartment for rent, the furniture is already provided, saving you time, hassle and money!

Looking for a fully furnished house for rent? Consider renting fully furnished housing listed on RentalAds.com. Furnished housing is a rental where the furniture is already provided by the landlord, saving you moving time and money because you do not have to purchase new furniture. If you are in the market for a home rental, consider fully furnished housing!

If you are looking for the least amount of maintenance possible, try search our fully furnished condos for rent. Condos are similar to apartments for rent in that most do not have a yard to maintain. Condos usually require an association fee, but if you are renting, this amount should be paid for by your landlord. A furnished condo combines the ease of no-to-low maintenance and the convenience of not having to move or buy furniture.

If you are looking for less room that an entire house or apartment and don't mind living with others, give room rentals a try. Furnished rooms can be found in almost all major cities throughout the United States. They are unique in that you are actually living with the landlord (in most cases) and not renting from the landlord at a separate location. Room rentals are a very unique and popular form of rental property as they are much less costly than renting a whole property.