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What Are Townhouses?

Townhouses are fully independent homes placed side by side and separated by a shared wall. They differ from condos, in which residents own only the inside of their units while the exterior and common areas for held through an association. This means condo owners can't change the yard or property exterior without the approval of other association members using the condo association rules as a guide.

Townhome living tends to be more lenient. Because townhouse owners own both the interior and exterior of the property including the driveway, lawn, roof and any other areas not deemed communal, they can make changes as they wish. Like condo owners, townhome owners frequently have maintenance and association fees. On, you will find 3-bedroom townhouses for rent, 2-bedroom townhouses for rent and one-bedroom townhouses for rent in all styles and sizes. Within townhomes for rent listings, you will find information about the style of each townhouse.

The traditional townhouse style features a row of several houses around a shared central area, such as a courtyard. Stacked townhouses resemble apartment buildings in which units are stacked on top of one another. You'll see these more often in cities where space is at a premium. Stacked townhouses may be more cost-effective than apartment buildings, because there's no need to pay for a lobby, elevator, doorman and other apartment amenities.

Advantages of Living in Townhomes

Townhouses offer the benefits of both single-family homeownership and condo living, with none of the drawbacks associated with either of these home styles. As a townhome owner or renter, you'll enjoy access to shared spaces you don't have to maintain, such as a barbecue area or roof deck (amenities vary by townhome). You'll also get a private space that's yours to use how you like, without the finicky restrictions often found with condo properties.

Townhome maintenance is less than with a detached home, due to economies of scale. For renters, this means that rent is often lower than on comparable single-family homes, since the landlord's out-of-pocket costs are less. If you're considering buying a townhouse or renting-to-own, you’ll also likely save money. Townhouses also have a community aspect, due to the proximity of neighbors. You'll feel like part of an instant community when you move to a townhouse. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it couldn’t be easier to find your match on Since renters can browse without registering and connect directly with landlords in their area, it's an easy way for landlords to get new leads and rent their townhomes faster. Renters benefit from the customizable search database that makes it easy to sort through townhome listings without paying a membership fee. Get started now as a landlord or tenant and find your perfect townhouse here.