Townhouses for Rent in Vermont

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For prospective tenants in Vermont who are looking for the ideal combination of an apartment and single-family home, a townhouse is a great option. Townhouses are distinctively different from apartments in that there are no neighbors located upstairs or downstairs. Townhouses are constructed in a row and each unit will usually share a common exterior wall; however, there is often more privacy in a townhome than in an apartment. Every townhouse also has its own private entrance. In fact, many townhomes have a foyer in the entrance with steps that lead to the living area or to a lower level.

The amount of space available in a Vermont townhouse for rent is also usually far more than in an apartment. This extra space allows for more benefits, such as the presence of a washer and dryer as well as more living space. Residents in a townhouse will also be able to benefit from several beds and baths. While an apartment might also offer multiple beds and baths, the rooms are often cramped. That is not the case with a townhouse. Many prospective tenants are often quite surprised at the amount of space that is available in a townhouse, as well as how spacious the rooms are.

A townhouse's spacious interior is not the only benefit, either. There is also usually more outdoor space in a townhouse than in an apartment. For instance, while your outdoor space in an apartment might be limited to a small patio or terrace, when you rent a townhouse, you can often have a small fenced front yard or backyard all to yourself. If you have always wanted a pet, but could not because you lived in an apartment, a townhouse is a great opportunity. Townhouses are also idea for families for the very same reason.

Amenities also abound in Vermont townhomes. Many offer access to community share amenities, such as gyms and swimming pools. In addition, it is not uncommon for security to be present on-site at many townhome communities. Although this is not the case with all townhomes, many also offer private garages. You can drive right into your garage at the end of the day and go straight into your townhome. On those cold Vermont winter mornings, you never have to worry about scraping snow and ice from your windshield when you have a private garage at your townhouse. A warm car will await you every morning.