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With a huge selection of pet-friendly rentals, you are sure to find the perfect home for both you and your furry friend on today.

Pet-Owning Renters

A pet-friendly rental is one that allows the tenant to have cats, dogs or other pets live on the premises of the rental property. From townhouses to apartments and mobile homes, there are a large number of pet-friendly houses for rent.

If a pet-friendly home is of a primary concern to you when searching for your next rental property, this section will help you by displaying only those rentals that are classified as "pet-friendly." Ads in this section will be either cat-friendly, dog-friendly or both. If you are only searching for one or the other, you can specify cats only or dogs only by using the search bar.

Be sure to read the exact specifications and rules outlined by the landlord in their full-page ad before contacting the owner (if applicable) about their pet-friendly townhouses, apartments or other rentals. This will save time for both you and the landlord. Also, be sure to communicate to the landlord that you own a pet as well as your living preferences for the pet prior to signing a contract.

Search our pet-friendly rentals by selecting a state or using the search feature. Only those rentals that have been marked as "pet-friendly" by the person placing the ad will be displayed.

Rules for Pet-Friendly Rentals

It is not uncommon for landlords to specify guidelines for pet owners in houses for rent that allow pets. These are listed in the renter’s contract. Common rules include the following:

• Tenants must identify the pets they own.
• Only pets approved by the landlord are allowed in pet-friendly rentals.
• All approved pets require proper identification (such as collars or tags) and vaccinations.
• Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets in the common areas of the rental property.
• A larger security deposit is required for tenants with pets.

If you are looking for homes or apartments for rent that allow pets, browse our available rental properties for pet-friendly housing.


Listing your properties as “pet-friendly apartments for rent” or “pet-friendly mobile homes for rent” greatly increases the likelihood of finding a tenant. Few landlords realize the numerous advantages of listing their rental as pet-friendly. This can increase the number of potential tenants by as much as 50 percent!

The obvious downside to listing your rental as pet-friendly is the potential clean-up required after the tenant vacates the rental. However, many landlords simply require a larger deposit to counteract the potential damages caused by a pet.

To list your pet friendly rental on, select the "Dogs Allowed" and/or "Cats Allowed" drop-down menus when listing your rental. You can also provide a detailed pet policy when listing.