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2 Bed/1 Bath Condo for Rent $1450

2035 Harwitch Rd.

Columbus, OH 43221

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What should you consider when searching for a pet friendly rental in Ohio? First, it is important to know that finding a rental in Ohio which accepts dogs and cats is not as difficult or as time-consuming as one might imagine. Throughout the state of Ohio, you will find there are many landlords who are willing to rent to tenants who have pets. Whether you are looking for a property to rent in Columbus, Akron, Cincinnati or Dayton by looking on you will be able to find a rental that will be acceptable for you and your pet and save time in the process.

Regardless of the type of pet friendly rental you are seeking, you can find just what you need. There are all types of pet friendly rentals available throughout Ohio, including condo rentals, apartments for rent, cabin rentals, duplexes for rent, loft rentals, townhouses for rent, Section 8 rentals and other types of pet friendly rentals. Each of these rental options offers a host of benefits, depending upon what you are looking for in a rental. For instance, many prospective renters prefer the idea of living in a rental where they can easily interact with other tenants, especially those who have pets. If this is the type of rental you are seeking, an apartment or a condo that takes pets could be the ideal solution for your needs. Such rentals also usually offer a host of other benefits such as swimming pools just a few steps from your door, workout rooms or gyms on-site and well-manicured common areas.

The size of your pet may also dictate the type of pet friendly rental you are seeking in Ohio. For instance, if you only have a small cat or dog, a condo, townhouse or apartment might be the right fit for you and your four-legged friend. Alternately, if you have more than one dog or cat or your pet is not small, you might be looking for a pet friendly rental that is more spacious and which also perhaps offers outdoor space. In this case, a cabin rental or house for rent might be the better solution for your needs.

When searching for pet friendly rentals in Ohio, it is important to take several factors into consideration. One of those factors is the location of the rental. Consider whether the property is located conveniently to your place of employment. If not, are you willing to drive? Is public transportation located within close proximity to the rental?

Finding the right pet friendly rental in Ohio for your needs can be simple and fast. An online search at can deliver fast and accurate results, no matter the type of rental you need or your budget.