Pet Friendly Duplexes for Rent in North Carolina (1)

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3 Bed/1 Bath Duplex for Rent $995

2711 Columbus Circle

Charlotte, NC 28208

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When you live in North Carolina or you are considering moving to this beautiful state and you have pets, you might wonder whether it will be difficult to find pet friendly rentals. The truth is that it is actually fairly easy to locate rentals that take pets in North Carolina. Whether you are in need of a pet friendly rental in Durham, Charlotte, Asheville, Raleigh or Wilmington the process of finding a rental where you can live in comfort with your pets can actually be quite simple and fast.

The first step to locating a North Carolina rental should be searching online. Gone are the days when you must rely solely on word of mouth or classified ads on to find a rental that will have everything you need. Today you can go online to and quickly browse through all types of available rentals throughout the state of North Carolina. No matter what type of rental it is you are seeking, you can find pet friendly apartments, houses for rent, Section 8 rentals, lake house rentals, cabin rentals, condos, townhouses and even properties that are rent to own. Conducting an online search to find your next residence can help to dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend trying to find the ideal rental and allow you and your beloved pets to settle into your new home that much faster.

One of the reasons there are now more pet friendly properties available for rent in North Carolina is that landlords have realized the many benefits to renting to tenants with pets. Among those benefits is the fact that because the rental market is growing, making pet friendly properties available is a great way to increase a property's exposure and ensure it is more appealing to the numerous prospective tenants now searching for properties. Landlords have also found that pet friendly properties in North Carolina are capable of generating a higher revenue than non-pet friendly rentals.

Locating and getting into a pet friendly rental in North Carolina can be as simple as getting started with an online search. Once you have identified prospective properties online, the next step is to speak with the landlord about the property. Be sure to ask questions about the location of the property to ensure it will be conveniently located to your workplace or school. You should also find out whether the property has any type of outdoor area available where your pet can exercise and play. Also, find out whether the property is already equipped with a pet door. If no, inquire as to whether the landlord has any objections to a pet door being installed. Finally, find out whether an extra pet security deposit will be required.