Pet Friendly Mobile Homes for Rent in Florida (3)

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3 Bed/2 Bath - Mobile for Rent - $1100

11231 Daddy Hall Ln

Tallahassee, FL 32309

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3 Bed/1 Bath - Mobile for Rent - $1600

12309 Wyatt Ct

Dade City, FL 33525

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3 Bed/2 Bath - Mobile for Rent - $850

122 Americana St

Tallahassee, FL 32305

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Anticipating a change of residence is stressful enough without having to worry about suitability of the new place for pets. Pet-free policies of some landlords and property managers can restrict access to desirable apartments or single-family rentals. For renters who count their pets as essential family members, finding pet friendly rentals in Florida can be a frustrating process.

Pet-free policies are not negotiable for a reason. Pet restrictions could be based on local ordinances. For instance, Miami, Fla. has outlawed certain aggressive dog breeds. In Orlando and elsewhere, condo associations limit pets on the premises to maintain safety in common areas for all residents. Sometimes, a landlord's bad experience with former tenants and their pets will prejudice their view of all pet owners. Whatever the reasons for the restrictions, it is futile for pet lovers intent on finding a rental home to share with their cats or dogs to spend time appealing pet rules

For as long as there are pet lovers, there will always be rental homes and residential complexes that will welcome pets. The local Humane Society could be a source of information for the area's pet friendly rentals. However, be prepared to pay extra for the pet privileges. Owners who allow pets in their rental homes will usually charge a pet fee amounting to a few hundred dollars a month to cover property damages that may be caused by the presence of pets.

Pet owners should plan for ample time to find their next home or vacation rental. Start the search well in advance of the scheduled move. Browse online resources such as to have a better idea of restrictions set by site managers and owners. Visit several places and speak with the owner or manager. Note how other Florida residents handle their pets in public areas. Should you find the rental property suitable, make sure that pet provisions are clearly spelled out in the lease.

There is a market for pet friendly rentals for both seasonal and long-term leases in Florida. Property owners and managers of these properties will find that pet friendly policies and amenities is actually a selling point for the right demographic.

Prospective tenants need to know upfront what the restrictions and provisions are for their pets. Sensible Florida pet owners will focus their search on rental properties that welcome their furry or feathery friends. Renters should not attempt to sneak in a pet as this will have negative repercussions in the long run.

As responsible pet caregivers, potential tenants should be prepared to present documentation that their pets' rabies vaccinations are current. For the most part, pet owners make good tenants as they tend to stay in place longer and have demonstrated accountability and responsibility by caring for a pet.