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2 Bed/1 Bath - Duplex for Rent - $1000

2773 Harlan Dr #B

Atlanta, GA 30344

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For many individuals, pets are just like children. They are a part of the family and any potential move to a new location would include them. However, not all rental accommodations are happy to accept pets as tenants, and it can be a challenge to find a potential home that meets not only your needs but also the needs of your pet. Thankfully there are sites like that help people to find pet-friendly housing in Georgia. Whether you are looking for apartments rentals in Atlanta or a beachfront property rental in Savannah, the site can help you to find exactly what it is that you are looking for. Here is a guide on what to look for and how to find pet friendly rentals in Georgia:

Open Space: Most pets will need plenty of space in the home itself to move around on a daily basis. Keep this in mind when looking for a home. Remember that the size of the pet will influence how much space is needed. Cats are generally able to exercise in small spaces, while dogs will need more space the larger they are.

Outdoor Access: Dogs will need to be walked on a regular basis, so any rental properties you look at while need to have access for pets to get in and out quickly. Keep this in mind when looking in apartments, as it may be a struggle to find appropriate outdoor space. However, nearly any location can become pet friendly if owners are willing to put in the extra work. For example, a high rise city apartment might not seem ideal, but if you are willing to walk your dog twice a day to the nearby dog park for exercise, then it will be fine.

Additional Pet Deposits: Understand that pets can play a role in the deposit you will pay for your rental, even in pet friendly locations. The fact is that dogs and cats can greatly damage furniture, carpets or hardwood floors. As an owner you will need to take responsibility and accept a higher deposit. If your pets are well behaved then the deposit can be returned when you move out and there is no damage done to the space.

Pet Hygiene: When looking at pet rentals, it is important to remember how important clean pets are in a new home, and how much this will have an influence on a homeowner who is renting out the space. Keep your pets free from fleas and clean to impress how responsible you are as an owner.

To find the perfect pet friendly housing in Georgia that meets all your needs, as well as the needs of your pet, visit and browse through the search offerings.