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Heading Out to Maryland

Some people move to Maryland because they want to be closer to the nation's capital at Washington D.C, while other people move to this state because of its intensely beautiful natural preserves. No matter why you are moving, chances are good that you are feeling excited and scared at the same time. A move is a huge deal in your life, and in all of the excitement, it is important to remember your pet. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you'll discover that finding pet-friendly housing is one of the top priorities for you to consider.

When you are planning to move to Maryland, chances are good that you will end up in Annapolis, the capital, or in Baltimore, which is the most populous city. These cities are very pet-friendly, and you'll discover that there are quite a few of dog parks for you to choose from. If being able to take your beloved dog out to run off the leash, check out the options for housing near a dog park. Apartments, condos and lofts that are near a dog park are are often friendly towards dogs and other pets, so you can use this to guide your way.

Never take any rental property's pet policy for granted. Make sure that it spells out the fact that you can have your animal, whether it is a dog, a cat, a snake, a ferret or a tarantula. This is something that should be present on your lease. If necessary, go beyond a verbal agreement and add it to the lease. This gives you and your pet some legal protection if the property changes hands or if something else unexpected happens. Be sure to find a landlord on who is willing to accept pets; one of the nicest things about this site is that it allows you to search through properties based on how animal friendly they are.

Before you move to Maryland, remember to update your pet's contact information. As soon as you have an address, have some tags made that direct the reader to your new home. Similarly, find a place that will update the information on your animal's microchip. This is something that can make a big difference in whether your cat or dog gets home. In the middle of moving, things are very chaotic, and it is all too easy for a pet to slip its leash or to escape from your grasp. Updated information gives your pet a better chance of getting back to you no matter where you move.

Maryland is a fantastic place to go with your pets and your family in tow. If you are moving down for a short time or you are moving to Maryland to spend your life there, make sure that the apartment is compatible with your pet ownership situation.