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Wisconsin for You and Your Pet!

There is plenty to see and do in Wisconsin and it is a fantastic choice for the human members of your family; however, how well will the animal members of your family fare? If you are a dedicated pet owner, you may find that moving is fraught with stress. You never know when that gorgeous home that you are looking at is friendly with pets or not and there is always the trial of figuring out what kind of pets your new rental place will allow. When you are thinking about moving, Wisconsin is a state that is definitely pet friendly; just make sure that you know what you are looking for.

When you have decided to move to Wisconsin, you have some great choices. For example, if you are a huge fan of big city living, consider Milwaukee, which is also known as the Cream City. The downtown area is especially friendly to dogs, and you'll discover that a little bit of investigation into the various pet friendly apartments can go a long way. As an apartment-intensive town, Milwaukee has plenty of apartments which are appropriate for both cats and dogs, so do your homework as soon as you get into the city. Pet-friendly landlords can be found all over the map, so start calling and make sure that you describe your situation carefully.

If you are thinking about living some place a little smaller and cozier, don't overlook cities like Madison or Eau Claire. Madison is the state capital, and you can be sure that there are always places to take your favorite pooch, while Eau Claire has plenty to offer someone who is after small town friendliness with big city convenience. If you have a pet that you want to bring with you, bring it up to your landlord immediately. Even if a landlord has a no-pet policy, he or she may be moved to change their mind based on your circumstances. For example, if you have a very old cat who is not inclined to destroy the place, a landlord may be convinced to be more forgiving.

Moving with a pet is always hard, so make sure that you give this procedure plenty of time. Do your research and start scouting apartments early. Ask your local Wisconsin friends about which landlords have good pet policies, and don't forget that researching online is always a good idea. Use sites like to figure out where to go. This can help you shorten your search significantly.

When you are getting ready to move, make sure that you find a place that is good for you and your animals. Your dog and cat will love the excitement of moving to a new place, so get prepared!