Pet Friendly Duplexes for Rent in Kansas (3)

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4 Bed/3 Bath Duplex for Rent $1750

1542 Legend Trail Dr Unit A

Lawrence, KS 66047

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3 Bed/2 Bath Duplex for Rent $1495

16309 W 141st Terrace

Olathe, KS 66062

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4 Bed/2 Bath - Duplex for Rent - $1500

1718 Rockhill Rd

Manhattan, KS 66502

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In the movie "The Wizard of Oz," the reason that Kansas girl Dorothy Gale runs away from home and gets caught in the middle of a tornado is that a cruel neighbor is trying take her dog away from her. Dogs can sometimes cause problems for people who don't own them, whether it is by digging up their garden, leaving messes in their yard or barking so much that they drive them crazy. However, a conscientious pet owner will do everything he or she can to keep a dog, or a cat for that matter, from disturbing the peace of others, and neighbors should, in the spirit of friendliness, accept a little bit of a nuisance for the sake of a friend.

If Dorothy were looking for a house of her own, one of her first considerations would certainly be whether she could bring Toto with her. In the contemporary world, that's not so easy to do, since sprawling farms ideal for pets have given way to lofts, apartments and other types of lodgings that have little room. It takes a little more effort to find landlords who are friendly to dogs and cats and will not behave to them the way Miss Gulch did toward Toto.

Looking at the website can yield valuable information on what rental properties allow pets and what ones don't. Someone who is in the market for a new home can peruse all of the available options and rest comfortably knowing that they will not have to find other living arrangements for their beloved pet. The pet lodging problem is one of the drawbacks to renting instead of buying, but many more landlords are friendly to dogs and cats than you might think.

Landlords, on the other hand, could benefit from listing themselves as being willing to rent to pets. It gives them a distinct advantage over other in the eyes of pet owners, and while it may turn off those with allergies or people who dislike dogs and cats, the truth would come out eventually, so this just saves everyone time. It's best to be upfront about exactly what the property offers and what it doesn't.

Kansas has many cities, including Wichita, Kansas City and Topeka, and in any given city, you will find different options available to you if you are in search of pet friendly rental properties. Some towns and cities may be more receptive to animals than others, but no matter where you go, you will be able to find a place to live that accepts you and your dog or cat. Hence, if Dorothy were still in Kansas with Toto today, would be an essential resource for her.