Pet Friendly Condos for Rent in New Jersey (0)


Navigating the murky waters of the rental market can be a tricky challenge for anyone on the hunt for a new place to call home, but pet owners have a particularly difficult time finding a residence. Many landlords have historically turned down requests for Spot or Tiger to join in on the fun by forbidding tenants from bringing their beloved pets with them. With many landlords now recognizing the benefits that welcoming animals can provide, would-be renters across the nation are discovering that finding pet friendly houses for rent is often much easier than previously expected.

Historically difficult housing markets include those in urban environments. This difficulty can largely be attributed to the sheer number of individuals on the hunt for beautiful apartments for rent. Landlords may be less likely to accept potential tenants who are hoping to bring along their dog or cat, simply because pets present a small risk in terms of potential damage. Some landlords choose to combat that risk by requiring a small additional deposit for pet owners who will be bringing their animals with them. In New Jersey, these challenges can present themselves in areas close to New York City, such as Newark and Hoboken.

Fortunately for individuals searching for pet friendly rentals, the urban environment is swiftly changing. With many apartments now luring in renters with amenities catering to furry friends, finding rental properties that accept animals is now a much easier challenge than ever before. Many advertisements for such properties can easily be found on, simply by filtering available apartments to exclude those that are not animal friendly.

In addition to larger communities in close proximity to metropolitan areas, small towns across the state are also home to plenty of landlords and rental properties that are suitable for those with pets. Many condo rentals and upscale furnished rentals accept pets, as pet friendly locations are in demand, thanks to clientele who wish to stay in a new location with their beloved pooch or spoiled kitty. This means luxury customers should have no problem finding an appropriate place to stay with their dog or cat in tow.

Renters operating on a smaller budget need not fear, as there are plenty of pet friendly rental properties available for those looking for more inexpensive options. Some pet owners choose section 8 rentals or mobile homes for rent, as these are better suited to their personal budget. Regardless of the financial details of your rental search, finding a suitable apartment that will accept your pets does not need to feel like an impossible challenge. Instead, armed with the right tools, you should easily discover that there are plenty of places open to you and your pet.