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Condo for Rent in Albuquerque / 2 Bed / 2 Bath / $1395

6800 Vista del Norte NE #1822

Albuquerque, NM 87113

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Moving to New Mexico with Your Pet?

Whether moving across the city or across the nation, packing one's bags and hitting the road for a new destination can be an exhausting task. While well-worth the final result, moving residences is no doubt a challenge. Regardless of the specific challenges a potential move may present, pet owners should not feel the burden of finding a rental property that will be happy to accept their animal on top of the other challenges a move presents. A quickly changing rental atmosphere now welcomes landlords who are willing to cater to their tenants, with many property owners finding that apartments willing to accommodate pets are more profitable over the course of the long haul.

Finding apartments for rent is always a bit of a challenge in the city, meaning the housing hunt in Albuquerque or Santa Fe will always be more intense than searches in smaller communities. Nevertheless, pet friendly houses for rent abound in urban environments. When embarking on a housing hunt, turning to resources like is a great solution, as easy filtering tools make finding an apartment with pet friendly policies a piece of cake. This can help to ease the task of calling potential landlords found through print ads and inquiring about their pet policies.

For renters who are looking for temporary dwellings, pet friendly lodgings may be the only solution possible. For example, many families like to travel with their dog or cat in the backseat. Such individuals shouldn't despair, as temporary vacation rentals are often pet friendly. Indeed, some of the most exclusive lake house rentals and cabin rentals are open to furry friends, with many offering special deals and fabulous amenities geared towards those with four legs.

While some individuals choose to rent over the course of the long haul rather than purchase property of their own, others use the rental market as a stepping stone to home ownership. Fortunately for such renters, pet friendly rent to own properties abound in many areas. In fact, criteria on the whole are much less strict for such properties, as the renter will eventually possess the property himself, and any damage incurred will no longer be the landlord's responsibility. Such solutions may be valuable for pet lovers to consider.

Regardless of what one's particular search parameters may be, finding a pet friendly rental in any part of New Mexico should not prove to be very difficult. Instead, the variety of different tools and powerful resources available make it easy to narrow down properties that would be a good match for both the renter and his or her pet. This will ultimately make for a happy landlord, a happy renter, and best of all, a happy wagging tail.