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2 Bed/2 Bath - Condo $1375

1575 Warm Spring

Henderson, NV 89014

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Pets are a vital part of life for many families, but owning a pet can be a challenge for those who rent a home, apartment or other form of rental property. Many landlords strictly object to renting their properties to those who own pets. In many cases, a family must choose between finding affordable housing or keeping a pet. It's helpful to realize, however, that there are many Nevada landlords and facilities that have pet friendly rentals available. It's helpful for the family or individual with a pet to explore these pet friendly listings in order to avoid the heartache of parting company with beloved pets.

Many apartment facilities throughout Nevada have made provisions for allowing pets to reside in their facilities. It's important for the prospective renter to inquire about animal sizes and breeds that are allowable. Smaller breeds are often more accepted, but committed research will provide options that consider larger breeds. The greatest restrictions tend to involve breeds that are known for vicious behavior, and it's important to keep this in mind when searching through listings.

Homes for rent are often more optimum choices for families with larger pets. Larger yards allow for a more appropriate environment for larger dogs, and there are many homes for rent throughout the state. Whether you are looking for a home in Las Vegas or Reno, you are certain to find pet friendly listings in homes for rent. Generally there will be pet deposits in order to insure that pet related damages are funded, but if your pet is well behaved, you have little to worry about.

Rural Nevada towns are especially welcoming to pets, and housing rental is often more affordable. If you don't mind a short commute to a Las Vegas job, for example, you will find lots of large properties with homes for rent in Pahrump. Modular homes and mobile homes are prevalent in many of these rural communities, providing some alternative housing considerations in your rental search. With large properties, you may appreciate the opportunity your pet will have to get plenty of exercise.

Nevada college communities often have a large number of room for rent listings. Both Las Vegas and Reno are home to thriving student communities, and room rental provides an affordable alternative to expensive dormitory housing. Pet friendly listings are available, but it's important to recognize that room rental involves limited space. Larger pets may not be suitable for such small accommodations.

It's important that you investigate the acceptability of pets at the outset of your interview with your prospective landlord. If pets aren't specifically mentioned in a listing, you don't need to assume that they aren't welcome, but neither can you assume that they are. Communicate with the landlord to determine if pets are accepted, ask about the requirements in terms of pet sizes and deposits, and use this information as you decide on a new place to live.