Townhouses for Rent in Washington

Townhouse rentals in Washington are becoming an increasingly desirable real estate option. From the urban delights of Seattle to the small city joys of Spokane, townhouses can be a convenient and comfortable place to live. Some are part of small communities of just a handful of rowhouses. Other townhouses are found in large subdivisions that feature desirable amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers and community rooms that can be rented for events. Prospective renters will find that a townhouse offers them excellent value for their money.

Many townhouse communities are conveniently located near urban centers. This means that they are close to mass transit options and lots of dining and entertainment. They are also quite close to where people work. In some instances, people who rent townhomes find that their daily commute is all but eliminated.

Townhomes usually share at least one exterior wall with their neighbor. Some townhouses have neighbors sharing exterior walls on two sides. Many townhouses feature multi level living, meaning that the renter enjoys two to three levels of living space. This can mean a great deal more square footage than is found in the average apartment or condominium. Additionally, when living in a townhome, renters need not be concerned with having neighbors above or below them. Townhome living means not having to listen to neighbors walk across the floor above you and not having to worry about walking softly for the neighbors below.

Because townhomes frequently share exterior walls, renters usually do not have to do much for the exterior maintenance of the home. In fact, depending upon the rental agreement, the landlord or a management company may deal with all repairs and maintenance. Nonetheless, some renters have been able to work out an arrangement with their landlord by which they have the right to plant a small garden in the yard. Yard space with these properties is typically very limited, so people who would rather not spend their free time working outside might just love this kind of living.

The townhouse lifestyle can be very neighborly. In fact, neighbors live very close to each other, and this often makes for a sociable situation. People living in rental townhouses tend to get to know each other quickly and develop lasting friendships. Washington townhomes can be an excellent rental solution. However, people anxious to avoid stairs might consider a single level condominium or rental home instead.