Townhouses for Rent in Florida

Looking for a place to rent in Florida? If so, you may well be considering renting a townhouse, but may not be certain whether this is the right option for you. Throughout Florida, there are plenty of townhouse rental options, including in such cities as Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa and Gainesville.

The term townhouse can be used to describe a variety of different configurations, but at its most basic a townhouse is a home that shares the same building with several other units. This may at first sound as though it is no different from apartment living, but the main difference that exists between an apartment and a townhouse is the fact that with a townhouse there are no units below or above; which is not the case with apartments. Most townhouses are multiple level homes. The living space is typically located downstairs and the bedrooms are located upstairs. Some townhouses may only have one level, but others may have three levels.

The advantages to Florida townhouses are numerous. For instance, many prospective renters find that renting a townhouse is much less expensive than renting a single family home. If you want the advantages of living in a single-family residence, but not the expense and upkeep, a townhouse can be an excellent solution. In addition, you can get away from the concept of having neighbors above you and below you, which is a common problem with apartment living. Townhouses also frequently offer a small fenced-in yard. The yard may be located in the back or the front.

Another great advantage of a townhouse rental is that it is low-maintenance. Due to the fact that it is a rental, the landlord is responsible for many issues. While you do not have to worry about upkeep and maintenance, you do gain the benefits of a community pool in most cases. There may also be other amenities, such as security and a gym or fitness room.

One of the more common questions regarding renting a townhouse is the cost. Many people who rent a townhouse enjoy the fact that it is more affordable than renting a house, but you should be aware that the monthly rent may be slightly more than apartment rent. Still, given the many benefits and amenities, the cost can certainly be worth it. By researching at, you can find a variety of townhouse rental options in Florida to begin the search for the townhouse that is just right for you.