Townhouses for Rent in Montana

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Montana is known as "Big Sky Country" for a good reason: It's a huge state with a diverse landscape, from endless rolling prairies and otherworldly badlands in the east to towering mountain ranges and dark coniferous forests in the west. It is also a leading destination for young folks and retirees alike who come to visit and stay after tasting its unique Western lifestyle. Hundreds of new and historic Montana townhouses are available for rent at lower rates than comparable apartments or detached houses, offering those considering relocating to the state the incentive they need to get moving.

Montana townhouses come in all shapes and sizes. In Missoula, home to the University of Montana, students and faculty members alike covet the incredible townhouse deals on Furnished off-campus properties perfect for new arrivals can be had for under $1,800 per month, a price that includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, all utility payments and over 1,000 square feet of usable space.

Larger townhouses in the area, some of which feature four bedrooms and three bathrooms, are perfect for multiple student roommates. Even in desirable downtown locations just off campus, renters may end up paying less than $450 per month, utilities included, for their share of the house.

Helena, the state's capital, features a large stock of historic townhouses left over from the mineral rushes of the state's early years. Well-kept and conveniently located with private entrances on quiet streets, they now host state legislators and their staff members during legislative sessions. Compared to other state capitals of its size, Helena has a large stock of townhouses that are affordable enough to function as part-time residences for average folks.

Montana's largest city, Billings, has for years boasted a diverse economy that attracts investment from around the world. Local landlords like to invest in property around town as well, especially in the townhouse developments whose value seems perennially to rise no matter what the broader economy does. With a steady supply of prospective renters and an ever-expanding stock of new townhouses, Billings gives tenants and landlords alike a great value for their investment dollar.

Montana townhouses have a few key advantages over traditional apartments and detached houses. Unlike apartments, they are usually quiet, with private entrances and multiple floors of usable space. Unlike detached homes, they require little maintenance from their tenants. Discover the wealth of Montana townhouses on today!