Townhouses for Rent in Oregon

With its beautiful scenery, modest cost of living and plethora of home options, Oregon is a fantastic place for a townhouse rental. These rentals have never been hotter across the United States thanks to their affordability and financial stability compared to buying a home, and Oregon is no exception. From its rugged coastline to modern, progressive cities like Portland, the state has a wealth of great places to live. Even vacationers to the state have used townhouse rentals as an alternative to pricey hotels and resorts. Perfect for families, retirees, recent college graduates and everyone in between, townhouse rentals are an excellent deal in the state of Oregon.

Renting a townhouse is preferable to traditional homeownership and apartment rentals in many ways. Townhouse rentals offer far more space and comfort than apartments and condos but, being rentals, lack the risks associated with homeownership and the often volatile mortgage market. They are available in every part of Oregon in a wide range of architectural styles and tastes. Townhouse rentals also offer flexible lease terms and come in both furnished and unfurnished rental options. Property landlords will also find a large and lucrative market for such rentals in the state.

Townhouse rentals make great starter home for recent college graduates and young professionals as well as for families looking for a stable, affordable form of housing. Retirees will find them to be more comfortable than apartment rentals too. They also work great for commuters who work in cities like Portland and Salem. Even vacationers to the state's beautiful coastline and rural regions will find townhouse rentals to be far more spacious and affordable than hotels and resorts, which can get quite expensive in many parts of the state.

Oregon boasts a high quality of life, clean air and water, excellent schools and luscious evergreen scenery all around. The state is filled with recreational and leisure opportunities like fishing, hiking, biking, bird watching, boating and much more. Its cities are noted for their high livability and low crime rates.

A great place for a townhouse rental in Oregon is Portland. This city is renowned for is cosmopolitan atmosphere, high livability and beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery. It offers great schools, quaint neighborhoods and attractions like the Portland Art Museum and Pioneer Courthouse Square. Other top cities in the state include Salem, Eugene and Astoria. Oregon's small towns and rural regions offer beautiful scenery, safe streets and plentiful recreational options.