Townhouses for Rent in Nevada

Known as the "Silver State" in a nod to the importance of mining to its early development, Nevada today enjoys a reputation that is anything but tarnished. Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist cities in the nation, attracting millions of people who come from around the world each year to celebrate, gamble, and attend performances. Many of these folks enjoy the area so much that they return to settle permanently in one of the thousands of new and historic Nevada townhouses that offer the conveniences of a detached home at a lower rate per square foot.

Nevada is a large state anchored by two major metropolitan areas: Reno-Sparks in the northwest and Las Vegas in the south. In a large state with a spread-out population like Nevada, residents tend to be more mobile, covering longer distances in the course of their daily routines. The state's thousands of affordable townhouses offer residents the convenience of a small floor plan that requires minimal maintenance and the flexibility of a shorter-term rental.

The state's capital, Carson City, is about 30 mile south of Reno in the foothills of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. Nevada townhouses in this part of the state are some of the most sought-after in the western United States given their proximity to the mountains' recreational opportunities and the center of state government functions as well as their relative affordability.

In fact, Carson City's convenient location on the California border encourages many residents of that more expensive state to emigrate east and begin new lives in one of the historic Nevada townhouses that line the city's downtown streets. For decades, surveys have shown that both landlords who purchase Nevada townhouse properties and renters who rent from them see the value of their investment increase every year. For landlords, this is because land in Nevada is becoming more valuble every year; for renters, it's because Nevada townhouse rentals offer a place to live in one of the nation's most dynamic states.

Even Las Vegas offers affordable Nevada townhouses. A 2-bedroom, 4-bathroom luxury Henderson townhouse with pool access and 1,150 square feet of floor space is around $1,750 per month, while in North Las Vegas a 2-bedroom, 2-bath townhouse with a detached 2-car garage is just around $1,000 for nearly 1,400 square feet of floor space. Discover these and other great Nevada townhouse deals today at