Townhouses for Rent in Alabama

If you are looking for a rental option in Alabama that offers both convenience as well as space, a townhouse could be the right solution to your needs. When compared to a choice of renting an apartment or a townhouse, townhomes are frequently coming in as the winning option for an increasing number of renters.

One of the reasons for this is that townhouses are routinely larger than apartments. While an apartment may be cramped with small rooms and lack outdoor space, that is not the case with townhomes. The size of a townhouse can vary, but it is not uncommon for townhouses to have between 1,000 and 2,500 sq. feet of space. That space can comprise ample amounts of living space as well as multiple bedrooms and baths. In addition, a townhouse in Alabama will also usually offer a private entryway as well as a small yard in the front or back. These yards are typically fenced, adding to the peace of mind of parents and pet owners.

Many prospective townhouse renters also like the location of townhouses. They are often conveniently located near shopping and major thoroughfares, making it easy and fast for residents to get to work.

Yet one more reason why many people choose to rent a townhouse is the maintenance-freedom. Maintenance is often described as being extremely good in townhouses. Maintenance will often come out immediately or within one day. Landscaping is also included in townhouses, ensuring not only that residents do not have to worry about handling it on their own, but that they can enjoy manicured lawns without any hassle.

The floor plan for townhouses in Alabama can vary, but one of the most common layouts is a two bedroom/two bath. There are also some townhouses that may have a finished lower level that includes a powder room and/or recreation or bonus room.

In addition, unlike in most apartments, townhouse residents can enjoy the convenience and ease of having their own washer and dryer. There are no more worries about having to lug laundry baskets to and from another area. Townhomes are also frequently outfitted with all major appliances.

Whether you are looking for a townhouse in Auburn, Birmingham, Huntsville or another city in Alabama, there are plenty of options to choose from. With plenty of space, amenities and affordable pricing, townhouses have rapidly become a popular choice for prospective tenants throughout the state of Alabama.