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2 Bed/1 Bath House for Rent $2050

7055 Birch Bay Drive

Blaine, WA 98230

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Furnished Living Environments Ideal for Washington Renters

Families, individuals and couples alike can turn to the beautiful and spectacular scenery Washington has to offer to make a home. Opportunities of both work and play abound in the varied regions that are nestled from the western coastline to the agricultural plains east of the Cascades. With a multitude of exciting recreational, employment and educational prospects it's easy for renters and landlords alike to flourish. Increasing the likelihood of finding the ideal tenant or home is the added element of a furnished setting.

Just as a renter must choose between an apartment, condo, townhouse, home, or loft they must also decide if they want a living space that is furnished. Furnished living spaces are simply homes in which the landlord includes furniture. Exact amounts, types and styles of what is offered can be varied. Renters who are looking to relocate with some of their possessions may find partial furnished homes suited to their needs while other renters may be looking to a fully furnished home that allows them to move with minimal possessions and no obligation for future furniture purchases.

Relocating means moving hassles that are quite costly and time consuming. By choosing a new home that comes complete with couches, beds, tables, chairs and various other items that make living spaces comfortable, renters can eliminate some of the worry and expense that may have prevented them from moving. Washington's many colleges and educational opportunities draw a large amount of first-time renters and many of them are unprepared to make furniture purchases. Professional opportunities are also abundant throughout the state including electronic, construction, manufacturing and timber industries that attract workers from all over the world. For these international and cross-country movers nothing is easier or more comforting then finding a home complete with all of the necessities.

The perks of a furnished apartment are not limited to the renter. Landlords will also discover it offers them an advantage in a competitive Washington real estate market. Showing a potential new lessee a decorated and filled home can be the selling point that gives a landlord the edge over the empty and blank rentals that can saturate a market. Living spaces that are off of the ground floor can seem quite challenging to potential renters who envision difficulties maneuvering furniture up stairs and elevators. Seeing these pieces already in place not only ease the renters mind but also the landlord who may be concerned about potential damages that occur during such difficult moves.

Whether settling in the large metropolitan area of Seattle or nestling into the quiet farm community of Walla Walla, Washingtonians have discovered there is a place for everyone. Entertainment and cultural experiences are plenty as well as many major league athletic teams for the sporting enthusiast. Outdoor recreational activities that compliment the many waterways, mountains and forests attract nature lovers and novices. These Washington specialties make it easy to attract a large population of renters who are looking to make this Pacific Northwest state their home.