Apartments for Rent in New Hampshire

In the past decade, New Hampshire has transformed itself from a beautiful vacation destination into an up-and-coming bedroom destination that offers all the creature comforts of the Northeast's major metropolitan areas while managing to maintain its quiet New England charm. Fresh off an explosion of new residential construction, New Hampshire offers a wide variety of apartments for singles, young families, and retirees. With thousands of units available in cities like Portsmouth, Dover, Salem and Hampton as well as along the beautiful Nashua-Manchester corridor, New Hampshire truly offers some of the best deals on apartments anywhere in the nation.

The apartments of New Hampshire offer a unique balance between affordability and accessibility. They may be worlds away stylistically and culturally, but many New Hampshire cities including Manchester, Portsmouth, Derry and Dover all lie within an easy hour's commute of the world-class employment and cultural opportunities of the Boston area. To the north, the state's gorgeous lakes and the majestic White Mountains loom large, offering residents and tourists alike world-class escapes at bargain rates in all seasons; to the east, the beaches around Portsmouth and Hampton sparkle in the summertime.

With all the new construction taking place across the state, bargain-hunting landlords and savvy renters alike have snapped up deals on apartments in the beautiful small towns and quaint cities that dot New Hampshire's valleys and riversides. In fact, rents on New Hampshire apartments have risen slowly relative to incomes in the state, bringing a second vacation apartment in one of the state's signature tourist destinations well within the financial reach of the average resident.

New Hampshire's rental market has something special for every class of renter, from the college student to the empty-nester. Where can you find a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment less than an hour from one of the nation's premier cities at under $700 per month? Nashua, New Hampshire, that's where. How about a quiet unit on a forested lot with easy beach access for $695 per month? The charming oceanfront community of Hampton, New Hampshire has just your thing.

Historical charm, natural beauty and modern convenience collide in the great state of New Hampshire, where apartments of all sizes and types are available at nearly every price point. And all this within striking distance of Boston, the beaches of the Atlantic shore, and the beautiful mountains of interior New England! Explore the listings above to learn more.