Apartments for Rent in New Jersey

Settling down in New Jersey is a wise choice.

New Jersey is a fabulous state. Not only do they have the ocean and water sports on one side, but they have close proximity to New York on the other. Many people choose to live in New Jersey because it is close to commute to NYC. The cost of living in New York is rather high, but one can find a great apartment in New Jersey for a fraction of the cost. This state allows one to keep their job in the big city and still come home to a small town at night.

Trenton is the state capitol and for those who love the night life and shopping scene, this is the place to rent an apartment. This area is full of exciting clubs, shopping centers and restaurants. Choosing an apartment here will put one in close proximity to all of the extras life has to offer, but will also keep them close to higher education centers if needed.

Whether you choose to live in or close to Atlantic City, it is a wonderful way to spend some extra time. The Garden State has plenty of adventure on its coastal side. From the Barrier Islands to the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, there are plenty of water activities to keep one busy. The fabulous casinos are a great way to spend a weekend with family and friends. If one does not want to live in such a bustling area, they can still visit as it is a small state and everything is within a close drive.

So many people make New Jersey home, because of its close proximity to so many other states. With Maryland and New York within close proximity, one can simply enjoy the best of all worlds including job markets and leisurely activities.

Apartment rentals in this state will range vastly, depending on where one chooses. The more happening areas around Sandy Hook, close to New York City, will cost more than those in Trenton. Stockton and Lambertville are more laid back areas, which have historic shops, art galleries and old town nostalgic feelings. The strong Jersey brogue and the warm and friendly people, making settling down in New Jersey even easier.

Unlike other states, New Jersey is not overly crowded. There are actually many rural areas for those who need to get away from major city attractions and relax. Finding an apartment in "The Garden State" should not be hard. However, it will be difficult to choose exactly which location to rent your apartment in.