Apartments for Rent in Washington

As the housing and financial crises drag on, renting an apartment has replaced buying a home as the most prudent choice for those looking to settle down. The state of Washington offers not only a wide array of apartment rental options but a wealth of amenities and cultural attractions as well. From large, cosmopolitan cities like Seattle to the state's charming small towns and rural area, renting an apartment is an excellent option. Whether you're a young professional, retiree or family, you'll find that Washington state is a great deal.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington state is known for its emerald forests, scenic coastline and plentiful outdoor and recreational options. The state also boasts a strong economy, diverse housing and apartment stock and a moderate cost of living. These factors are why renting an apartment here is so attractive. Few states offer the amenities, livability and modest prices as Washington state.

A popular place to rent an apartment in Washington state is Seattle, the state's largest and best known city. Seattle offers renters a plethora of apartment choices, including studios, lofts, condominiums, luxury apartments, town houses and much more. Seattle is known for its rich culture and abundant amenities for its residents. The top cultural attractions and activities in the city include the Space Needle, the Seattle Art Museum, the Seattle Aquarium, Discovery Park, Seafair and the popular Bite of Seattle festival. Seattle is well-known for its countless coffee shops as well as its great culinary scene and vibrant nightlife. The city's top shopping and entertainment options include Pike Place Market and its numerous theaters and comedy stages. Seattle also offers everything from harbor cruises to cycling to boating, making it perfect for those who love to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Another great city to rent in is Olympia, the state capital. Olympia offers a modest cost of living, low crime and high livability. It is in close proximity to Seattle and benefits from numerous transportation options, including Amtrak, SeaTac airport and bus services. Olympia also boasts great schools, access to the outdoors and a wide array of shops and restaurants.

Tacoma offers low taxes, a wealth of amenities and a vibrant art and cultural scene. The city's attractions and amenities include Wright Park, the Tacoma Musical Playhouse, Point Defiance Park, the Tacoma Art Museum and a wide variety of shops and eateries to choose from.

Even outside its main cities, Washington state offers renters a wide range of amenities. These include North Cascade National Park, Olympic National Park and its rugged coastline, perfect for fishing, boating and sightseeing.