Apartments for Rent in Wisconsin

With housing and financial markets in tough shape, more people than ever are choosing to rent apartments. Those seeking to live in Wisconsin will find a wide array of great rentals options as well as plentiful amenities and attractions. From major cities like Milwaukee and Madison to quaint Midwestern towns, Wisconsin offers something for everyone.

Wisconsin boasts a strong economy and stable job market. The state also benefits from a moderate cost of living and modest prices. The state's housing and apartment stock are very diverse, from loft apartments in Milwaukee to modern, condominium apartments along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Wisconsin residents are treated to world-class cultural amenities, especially in cities like Madison and Milwaukee, as well as recreational activities like swimming, boating, hiking, hunting and fishing. Wisconsin is both diverse and friendly, making it very easy to fit into.

One of the top cities to rent an apartment is Milwaukee, the state's largest. Milwaukee boasts a diverse economy, wide range of apartments to choose from and great cultural and leisure options. With modest apartment renal costs and close proximity to Chicago and other Midwest cities, Milwaukee is a great bet. The city's top attractions include the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Milwaukee County Zoo, the Harley-Davidson Museum and the city's many arts and cultural festivals. Live entertainment is available in Milwaukee's many theaters, while the city sports a wide range of restaurants that range from upscale to affordable to ethnic. Being the brewing capital of the country, Milwaukee has a nightlife that's second to none. The city's neighborhoods offer something for everyone, from Downtown to the East Side to Bay View. A true All-American city, Milwaukee is a great place to rent an apartment.

Madison is another great city for renters. The city is renowned for its high livability, low crime, strong economy and abundant recreation and leisure options. Madison is located between several lakes, making it great for those who love fishing and boating. The city's top attractions include the Henry Vilas Zoo, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, the Chazen Museum of Art and its many fairs, arts festivals and community events. State Street sports many cafes, shops and boutiques while great pubs and restaurants can be found throughout the city. With is blend of Midwestern friendliness and small town charm, Madison is perfect for every type of renter.

Other great cities worth renting an apartment in include Green Bay, La Crosse and Appleton.

With is modern amenities, affordable rental prices and Midwest charm, Wisconsin is ideal for anyone looking to rent an apartment.