Cabins for Rent in North Carolina

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The great thing about cabin rentals in North Carolina is the sheer variety of locations the state has to offer. Although smaller than some, the topographical area of North Carolina gives the tourist cabins for rent in a great variety of different areas. From typical, traditional camping along the edges of Appalachia in Western North Carolina, to the laid back and relaxed cabins along the beaches of the Outer Banks - North Carolina has a wonderful variety of choices for cabin vacation rentals.

Without a doubt, the Outer Banks, a series of small isles that hug the eastern shore of the state are the most popular destination for cabin rentals. The reason is simple - the Outer Banks offer two unique features that are rarely together: seclusion and beautiful beaches. Unlike many touristy beaches, the Outer Banks still somehow manages to maintain a relaxed and almost local-feel. It never feels like you are caught in a tourist trap at the Outer Banks, even in the most popular places such as Emerald Isle and Kill Devil Hills. There are many great and fun activities to do in the OBX. Fishing, crabbing, and surfing are some of the more popular activities in this region. Of course lounging at the beach and swimming is the easy and optimal stress free day for singles, couples, or families just looking for a relaxing day playing in the sand. The coastal region along the Atlantic coast is even more remote, with many beaches and state parks that offer more seclusion that the Outer Banks. Carolina Beach State Park has over 80 sites for camping along the beach, but for those seeking a more comfortable camping experience, cabin rentals are available.

For a more common cabin rental experience in North Carolina, simply head inland. Aside from the beaches and shores, the state has many state parks and forests that offer cabin rentals in a variety of settings. What really makes North Carolina stand out is the variety of experiences that you can have while vacationing. The beach is not the only place to have a great time. Nature enthusiasts will love the diverse wildlife. North Carolina is infamous for being the farthest location northward that actually has a natural Alligator habitat. So whether you choose to chill by the serene beaches, explore the waters, or sing songs around a campfire, North Carolina is a great place to find great cabin rentals in a variety of locations throughout the state.