Cabins for Rent in New Mexico

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The "Land of Enchantment" is a beautiful vacation destination and provides a serene escape from daily life. New Mexico has many beautiful regions offering tranquility amongst each of its varied landscapes. The mountains of northern New Mexico are some of the most beautiful in all of the Rockies. The weather is typically mild, only adding to the area's popularity as a vacation spot. Luckily, there are many great cabin rentals to choose from, all varying in price and modernity. With so many different beautiful cabin options available, finding the perfect one is a breeze.

The Taos area of northern New Mexico is breathtaking and very popular amongst vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts. Taos is popular year round. The mountains around Taos host world-class ski resorts in the winter and a bevy of outdoor activities in the spring and summer. As a popular mountain vacation destination, there are many cabins for rent. Some are rustic and rent for very affordable rates. Others are quite nice 2-3 bedroom dwellings with a southwestern flare. The nicer rentals go for as much as several hundred per night. Weekly and monthly deals can be found for quite less. Long term cabin rentals range from $500-$2,000 per month. It all depends upon what exactly one desires, rustic or modern living. Whatever the case, there are plenty of options that all share the same beautiful New Mexico vistas.

The Santa Fe and Pecos areas are also popular vacation spots. Located right in the heart of the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains, this area has a wide-range of cabin rentals to choose from. Cabins in this area typically have southwestern architecture which only add to the charm. From quaint cabins and casitas to large mountain homes, the range of homes and cabins for rent makes it a perfect vacation area regardless of tastes or budget.

The Silver City area of southern New Mexico is equally beautiful and has quite a history, however it is not as busy of a vacation spot as its northern neighbors. Here the accommodations are typically more rustic, but it is a perfect getaway for nature lovers who desire tranquility and less of a crowd. Cabin rentals in the area are quite reasonable. Week-long cabin rentals can be found for as little as $300 per week.

The Ruidoso and Cloudcroft areas offer renters a plethora of cabin rental options. Ruidoso is home to The Inn of The Mountain Gods Resort, snow skiing, horse back carriage rides, trout fishing, snow tubing and tons of other fun family activities. Cloudcroft is located just west of Ruidoso and offers many similar mountain activities, but in a lesser known area.

The abundance of outdoor activities and scenic landscapes make New Mexico a wonderful vacation destination. There are numerous cabins for rent in all different sizes and styles to accommodate any needs or desires. The landscapes and lifestyle New Mexico offers make it a great vacation option.