Condos for Rent in Arkansas

When thinking about rental properties in Arkansas, most people tend to think about apartments and houses. Very few automatically think about renting a condo when in reality, renting a condo can give the tenant and landlord the best of both worlds. Condos give the person living there the feeling of a house with all the conveniences of living in an apartment.

People rent condominiums in Arkansas for different reasons. Arkansas is a great state to live in. It is located in the southern portion of the U.S. and enjoys what is known as a humid tropical climate. It doesn't snow in Arkansas very often in the winter months. It is the state that Walmart, J.B. Hunt and Tyson Foods call home and Forbes ranked the state 9th for growth prospects.

Many condos have quite a large amount of green space. They have common grassy areas but the maintenance for the condo complex takes care of everything from mowing the grass to trimming the bushes. Tenants can enjoy the outdoor living space of their back yard without having to spend the time that it takes to maintain it.

The square footage of many condos rivals that of single family homes. Condos are generally cheaper to purchase than single family homes which makes them popular with landlords. In turn, the rent may be lower for the same square footage which makes condos a popular choice for renters.

Maintenance on the structure is shared between the landlord and the condo maintenance company. Condominium communities vary as to who takes care of what but generally anything below the subfloor and on the exterior of the building is the maintenance company's responsibility. This keeps the landlord's cost down for general repairs that they would have to pay out of pocket for things like new roofs and plumbing. There is generally a maintenance fee that is paid every month to cover the costs if anything were to need replaced or repaired.

Renting a condominium does have similarities to renting an apartment when it comes to amenities. Condo communities have things like tennis courts, playgrounds and swimming pools that their members can use. The monthly maintenance fees on each condo are used to maintain, clean and repair any amenities. This gives the tenant the ability to utilize the pool without having to worry about who is going to clean it.

Arkansas is a great state to live in with many choices for renting condominiums. There are so many advantages to renting a condo. It can give renters and landlords the best of both worlds.