Condos for Rent in North Carolina

Leasing a condo has never been more popular in the United States. With the mortgage industry in turmoil and homeownership costs and apartment rental rates rising, leasing a condominium is an economical and convenient alternative to both buying a house or renting an apartment. Condos come in all different sizes and styles and can be found in major cities, suburbs and small towns. Perfect for everyone from families to retirees to young professionals just starting a career, condos provide insulation from the tumultuous housing market and a stable alternative to apartment rentals. One of the top states for leasing a condo is North Carolina due to its strong condo market and modest cost of living.

North Carolina offers many advantages for prospective condo buyers as well as those looking to sell. The state has competitive tax rates, a cost of living below the national average, beautiful scenery and a huge variety of places to live. Condos in North Carolina can be found in cosmopolitan cities like Charlotte and Raleigh to the idyllic Outer Banks. Condo buyers also enjoy the state's strong economy and affordable condo costs as well. The state is filled with great options for prospective buyers. These include The Fitzgerald in Asheville, The Landing at Southpoint in Durham, Culpepper Court in Durham and many more. No matter what style condo you seek or where you want to live, North Carolina has something just for you.

North Carolina is home to a wide variety of great places to live. From big cities to quiet, Old South towns, this state has it all. One of the top places to live in North Carolina is Charlotte, the state's largest city. Known for its booming economy and high livability, Charlotte is packed with great restaurants, cafes, galleries, shops, boutiques and Southern charm. Some of the city's top neighborhoods and landmarks include Uptown, NoDa, the South End, Myers Park, Dilworth, University City, Discovery Place and Marshall Park. Another top city in the state is Raleigh. The capital of North Carolina, Raleigh is renowned for its charm, Southern heritage and fantastic architecture. Some of the city's top neighborhoods and attractions include Cameron Park, Oakwood, the North Carolina Museum of Art, the North Carolina Museum of History, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and Boylan Heights. Chapel Hill, famed for its charming streets and world-class colleges, boasts the Ackland Art Museum, the North Carolina Botanical Gardens and much more. Other great places in the state include the Piedmont region, the Outer Banks, Wilmington and Durham.

With its great deals for both buyers and sellers and high livability, North Carolina is hard to beat.