Duplexes for Rent in Illinois

With their affordability and strong market, duplex rentals have never been more popular. Renters of duplexes enjoy affordable housing costs as well as the sense of community and neighborhood offered by apartments and condos. An economical and practical alternative to traditional homeownership and apartment rentals, duplexes have soared in popularity among everyone from families to retirees to young professionals just starting out. Duplex renters enjoy many advantages over homeowners and apartment renters, while landlords also benefit in many ways. The state of Illinois offers many benefits to renting a duplex as well as a wide range of great cities and towns to live in.

Duplex renters in Illinois enjoy more affordable housing costs compared to apartment renters and homeowners, as well as the benefit of having neighbors eight next to them. Landlords of duplexes benefit from having two sources of rental income and a strong, growing demand for duplex rentals. In addition to the affordability and stability of duplex rentals, Illinois renters can take advantage of the state's many amenities and attractions. Illinois offers a wide array of great places to live, a modest cost of living, good schools and roads, and a clean environment that includes access to the Great Lakes. No matter who you are or where you're from, you're sure to find a great duplex to rent in Illinois.

The state offers many top-notch cities and towns to live in. From world-class metropolises like Chicago to small prairie towns, Illinois truly offers something for everyone.

Chicago is home to many duplex rental units. The Windy City offers many great amenities and attractions for its residents as well. Chicagoans can enjoy one of the country's most thriving theater scenes and spend their leisure time along the beaches of Lake Michigan, world-renowned parks like Lincoln Park and Grant Park, and at the lively Navy Pier. The city boasts a huge choice of neighborhoods to live in as well as world-class museums, schools and cuisine.

Springfield, the state capital, is another fine place to live. Safe and filled with Midwestern charm, this city has attractions like the Abraham Lincoln National Historic Site and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. In addition, Springfield boasts great schools, good roads and a strong sense of community. Other great places to live in Illinois include Peoria, Champaign-Urbana and the suburbs of Chicago.

Home to so many great places to live and a high quality of life, Illinois is a great place for duplex renters.