Duplexes for Rent in Louisana

Duplex Rental in Louisiana

The double shotgun is the quintessential Louisiana home. The house style gets its name from the classic shape of the building. It is long and narrow. If you shoot a gun through the front door, the bullet will land in the back garden. Though it is narrow, a shotgun is roomy, one room after another, with plenty of rooms for everyone.

A double shotgun is a wide house, wide enough to hold two households, in mirror image, side by side. A double shotgun makes good neighbors. Double shotguns are found in most of the cities and towns in Louisiana, usually in the older parts of town, but new housing, designed on the shotgun model, is being built every day. People appreciate the convenience of a roomy home in which the bedroom is set far back from the street. Much of the new housing stock being rebuilt in New Orleans is comprised of shotgun architecture.

A duplex rental in Louisiana is an affordable and family-friendly, traditional way to live. More modern apartment complexes can be found, but for heating and cooling, a traditional double shotgun, with its high ceilings and breezeways, is a much more livable choice.

Double shotgun duplexes are often found in every neighborhood of Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Opelousas, and Slidell. Saint Tammany Parish has a wide selection of duplex apartments, from historical double shotguns to modern, duplex town houses. The variety of housing options in Louisiana is informed by its long and varied history. Duplex living is a way of life in Louisiana, where people are used to living close together and forming solid communities. Mardi Gras, with its parades and customs, is a Louisiana tradition for a reason. It is because people who live close together enjoy each other's company. Close neighbors make close friends.

Living in, or owning, a double shotgun (duplex) is a sound investment. Because this house style is in demand, there is never a shortage of renters looking for a duplex house to call home. When the house is built with style, it will be occupied. Unlike some other construction, duplex, double shotguns appreciate in value in contradiction to the market. They are cherished for what they are, good homes in which to raise a family or spend a lifetime. Half a duplex is not half a home, it is where the heart is, in Louisiana. Find numerous Louisiana duplexes on RentalAds.com today!