Duplexes for Rent in Missouri

Frequently referred to as The Show Me state, Missouri offers a wealth of natural beauty to both residents and visitors. If you happen to call the state of Missouri home and you are looking for rental options, will find there is a wealth of choices. One of the first decisions you will need to make is whether you prefer the idea of renting a house, apartment or duplex. Many people like the idea of renting a house because they can enjoy the maximum amount of privacy possible. The problem with renting a house for most people is the high cost. The cost of renting a house is simply out of the question for many people, especially students and families. This leads to a consideration of apartments and duplexes. For renters who like the privacy a house affords, but who need the affordability of an apartment, a duplex can be a great solution.

If you are not familiar with a duplex, it is actually much like two separate houses that are located next to one another and have an adjoining wall. Each unit of the duplex has its own separate living space and entrance. In this regard, a duplex rental in Missouri can offer almost as much privacy as renting a house. At the same time, a duplex can be much more affordable than renting a house.

The benefits of renting a duplex over an apartment can be enormous. For instance, not only can you enjoy more privacy, but you can also take advantage of other amenities that typically are not available with an apartment. One of those advantages is the amount of outdoor space you have with a duplex.

When renting an apartment in Missouri you are typically limited to a small area of outdoor space. This could come in the form of a small patio or even balcony if you are on an upper floor. When you choose to rent a duplex instead; however, you can often have your own front yard or back yard or even both. This can certainly be a great benefit if you have children. Furthermore, there are some duplex landlords in Missouri who will even agree to rent to tenants with pets, with a reasonable pet deposit.

Overall, the benefits of renting a duplex in Missouri can greatly outweigh other options by providing superior affordability and flexibility.