Duplexes for Rent in Mississippi

Are you looking for a duplex to rent in Jackson or Meridian, MS? There are a lot of units for rent and for sale in the state. These properties are very convenient for small families and new couples. Many are offered with yearly leases and short-term rental agreements for periods up to six months. Depending on the location chosen, the rental fees vary. Duplex rental rates are usually a little higher than that of the apartment rental. This is basically because the space is larger and appliances are added in some of the units.

Mississippi duplexes come in different sizes and shapes. Some look like townhouses, while others are similar to apartments but separated by a wall and divided into two equal parts for different tenants. Whether you are looking for the city life or want to live in a country area, the Mississippi rental market always has something available to offer. Hattiesburg, Metro Jackson and Desoto Counties always have duplexes for rent.

Many people in Mississippi would agree that choosing to rent a duplex unit can be much better than an apartment. Aside from the larger space for duplexes, tenants also get the chance to enjoy the outdoors. They can play with their kids in the shared yard and interact with other tenants. Garages and basement are added to some units. These are also shared by both residents. Landlords and tenants' rights are stipulated in the Mississippi Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. With this, both parties are ensured that they are protected by the law, and landlords who violate these provisions will face consequences and possible fines.

Duplexes in Mississippi provide a great place for tenants, as they are well taken care of by their landlords. All the maintenance services are shouldered by the owners, from property damages to appliance repairs. In addition, the cost of living in Mississippi is quite low, depending on the city of choice.

It is often difficult for families and individuals to buy their own house in Mississippi. Renting a duplex is perhaps the best alternative to living in an apartment. Although duplexes are shared, tenants are ensured of their privacy. Moreover, tenants can do away with the high property tax rates that most homeowners need to pay. Renting a duplex unit does not require tenants to pay taxes. Landlords face these issues, thereby providing tenants a worry-free stay.