Duplexes for Rent in North Carolina

When choosing a rental option in North Carolina, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration. One of the most important factors for many tenants in North Carolina is the rental price. For tenants who are looking for an option that is both affordable as well as offering the most amenities possible, one of the best options is often a duplex.

A duplex is much like a combination between a house and an apartment. Unlike an apartment, the number of units in a duplex is limited to two. This offers much more privacy than is usually possible with an apartment. Whereas apartment dwellers may have neighbors surrounding them on all sides, tenants in a duplex only have one neighbor. This helps to reduce noise while increasing privacy. At the same time, because there are two units in a duplex it makes it possible for the landlord to offer rental rates that are usually more affordable than a rental house.

There are also numerous other benefits associated with renting a duplex in North Carolina. For instance, duplex residents often have more outdoor space available to them than tenants in an apartment. Access to more outdoor space can be a tremendous advantage for residents with children and pets. In addition, you may also find there is more parking space available when renting a duplex instead of an apartment. In some cases, covered parking or even a garage may be available when you rent a duplex.

Duplex residents can also often benefit from access to a washer and dryer present in their unit. Compared to the hassle and time involved in using a common laundry room in an apartment complex, this can also be a great advantage when you rent a duplex. Instead of having to take the time to lug your laundry across the apartment complex, you can instead enjoy the luxury of doing your laundry in your own home.

In terms of size, duplexes can vary. While many duplex units consist of a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, it is also possible to find duplex units for rent in North Carolina that have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

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