Duplexes for Rent in Nevada

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Duplex Rental in Nevada's Bigger Cities and Towns

Nevada is an interesting state to live in, with vast expanses of land between towns and cities. With a transient nature in big cities, duplex rental is particularly well-suited to newcomers to the areas of greatest population. Small towns have limited populations, and limited duplex availability. However, the larger cities and towns provide many duplex options for those who need a starting place as they get to know the community.

Southern Nevada is dominated by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. This is the most transient environment in the state due to both tourism and construction industries which fluctuate greatly. Newcomers aren't sure of the neighborhoods, and need time to get familiar with the area. A duplex rental is perfect for allowing a short term commitment for a family or individual. This provides the opportunity to get to know the community through interaction and exploration. There are several extensions of the greater Las Vegas area, including Henderson, Boulder City, and North Las Vegas, which provide duplex rental opportunities.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has grown in its student population, and duplex rental now provides an affordable off campus housing solution for many out of state students. There are many duplex communities in town, particularly in the vicinity of the university campus.

For the family that prefers a small town or rural environment, Pahrump is merely an hour's drive from the bright lights of Las Vegas. Housing prices are much lower, and duplex rental prices are lower as well. The slower pace affords a family more of the small town feel and provides significant savings for the family with limited income and resources. The commute to Las Vegas for work is reasonable, making duplex rental in Pahrump a worthwhile consideration for newcomers.

Northern Nevada activity is heavily centered on Reno, where the University of Nevada campus is located. Duplex rental in Reno is ideal for college students who are interested in saving money on housing costs. Young, married college couples also find duplex rental more affordable and cozy than apartments. Sparks borders Reno and provides a lower cost area of housing. Duplex rentals in Sparks and Reno are perfect for accommodating university students and staff. The ability of a few roommates to share costs provides the opportunity for significant savings, and duplex communities located away from the campus are great for mature students who don't want the extensive social environment that prevails in the vicinity of the school.

There are many reasons to select a duplex when moving to a new area of Nevada. The short term commitment and the comfort of a homey environment make it a great prospect for those drawn to Nevada's bigger cities and towns.