Duplexes for Rent in Pennsylvania

Duplex rentals involve renting a unit adjacent to another unit in the same complex. Typically more affordable than traditional houses and offering the same sense of community founding apartments and condos, they are truly the best of both worlds. Duplex rentals have soared in popularity in recent years. Renters enjoy affordable housing costs and a next-door neighbor, while duplex landlords gain multiple sources if rental income. All in all, both parties benefit immense with duplex rentals. A particularly good state to rent a duplex in is Pennsylvania. The Keystone State offers many advantages for duplex landlords and renters alike.

The Pennsylvania duplex market has increased in popularity in recent years. Largely isolated from the sudden whims of the apartment, condo and traditional housing market, duplexes offer safety and stability for prospective renters and landlords. Renters will find duplexes to be highly affordable, while landlords have benefited from strong demand for duplex units in recent years. An economical and convenient form of housing, duplexes are perfect for a wide range of prospective buyers, including those with limited or fixed income like retirees.

Pennsylvania boasts many great reasons to rent a duplex in. The state has affordable rental costs, a moderate cost of living, great amenities and plenty to see and do. Pennsylvania schools rank among the highest in the nation, and the state offers everything from beaches to forests to lakes to enjoy. In addition, Pennsylvania boasts an excellent transportation infrastructure with multiple international airports, Amtrak access and many interstate highways. Overall, Pennsylvania duplex renters enjoy a very high quality of life.

The state is home to a bevy of great cities and towns to live in. Whether you prefer major cities, small country towns or comfortable suburbs, Pennsylvania has it all. Every corner of the state offers something to love.

Philadelphia is known for its colonial charm, great neighborhoods and rich culture. A city on the upswing, Philadelphians enjoy excellent shopping, dining and nightlife as well as plenty of entertainment and sports options. The city's top amenities include the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the renowned University of Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh is another fantastic place for a duplex rental. The city offers a high quality of life, safe neighborhoods and a plethora of shops and restaurants. Other great places in the state include Harrisburg, Scranton and the beautiful Susquehanna Valley region.

A state that offers a high quality of life as well as affordable living costs, Pennsylvania is one of the top states for duplex rentals.