Duplexes for Rent in Tennessee

Tennessee is a highly attractive state for duplex living and duplex owning. There are five medium to large sized cities in the state where apartment living is popular, but for the most part, both native Tennesseans and those who have been transplanted from other parts of the country highly value the benefits of renting that do not also require living in the high–density conditions found in many apartment complexes.

For tenants, there are other benefits to duplex living. The car is right outside the door, regardless of the weather or how many grocery bags need to come into the house. Many duplexes have garages for each unit, which is even more convenient. Duplex renters pay rents that often are less than rents at large complexes where revenues have to pay for pools, exercise rooms, club rooms and other amenities, whether the tenant uses those amenities or not. The bottom line for the tenant is that there is more privacy, greater convenience and often lower prices per square foot of space.

Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee, but the area surrounding Nashville recently overtook the larger Memphis metro area in total population. In its role as Music City and as the capital of Tennessee and the location of several universities, Nashville has a good many highly mobile residents. Nashville also is surrounded with several smaller towns, reducing the pressure on Nashville proper to maximize density in land use.

In the eastern part of the state, Knoxville is Tennessee's third–largest city and also is attractive for duplex living. Knoxville is the site of the main campus of the University of Tennessee, including its medical school's teaching hospital and its large veterinary medicine complex. Knoxville also has attracted many high-tech manufacturing and research companies over the past several years and has enjoyed steady economic and population growth. There are smaller communities and towns all around Knoxville, one of which is Oak Ridge, the site of significant levels of defense research.

Chattanooga near the Georgia state line and Johnson City near the Virginia border are similar in size. Each offers their own benefits and characteristics, but they also share several similarities. Among these are large college campuses and focus on medicine. Johnson City holds the site of a medical school and a large Veterans Administration hospital.

All of Tennessee's largest cities have stable, long-term populations but also contain structures that encourage mobility with stability. Both native Tennesseans and transplants from other states appreciate Tennessee's natural beauty and friendly atmosphere, both of which is more accessible for renters where population density is lower than can be found in any large apartment complex.