Duplexes for Rent in West Virginia

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For residents of West Virginia who are looking for the best alternative to buying a house or renting an apartment, duplex home rentals can give them all the benefits they are looking for. A duplex is a type of building built by joining two apartments that share the same yard, garage and basement. These units actually look more like a house than an apartment building. They are very spacious and tenants get the chance to mingle with the neighbors who share their yard. There is only one wall dividing the two units. Having a yard gives residents the chance to see the sun and enjoy the outdoors. This is almost impossible when living in an apartment.

In addition, living in West Virginia allows residents to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. West Virginia is called the Mountain State, the Panhandle State and the Switzerland of America. Simple living is very apparent in West Virginia, but those who prefer the city life may rent duplex units in Charleston. The capital of West Virginia offers recreational facilities and entertainment amenities.

Among the advantages of living in a duplex home is that most of the units come with appliances that can be used by the tenants. When these appliances have problems, landlords handle the repair charges. This also applies to incidental damage to the property. This is similar to living in an apartment, but it is very different from owning a house an having to purchase home appliances. People who rent apartments may have to use public washing machines and dryers. Duplex houses in West Virginia are built with washer and dryer connections for the convenience of the tenants.

Moreover, renting a duplex does not require a tenant to pay property taxes. The space and the added things that come with the rental are beyond compare. All the maintenance repairs are at the landlord's expense. Although the cost of the rental may be a bit higher than with an apartment, the benefits are very apparent. Opting to live in a duplex home is indeed very practical in West Virginia.

Duplex rental is very appropriate for small families and young couples who are about to start having children. The space in the yard is best for family gatherings, despite having to share it with the other tenants. Renting a duplex home is the best way to prepare for a family's transition to having their very own home in the future.