Rental Properties in North Dakota

If you're the type of person who wants the best of both worlds whether at home or on vacation, then you have come to the right place. In this case, the best of both worlds refers to natural beauty and amenities when staying or living in North Dakota. We will cover exactly what you should expect to find if you plan on renting a cabin on Lake Metigoshe or renting an apartment in Medora. We'll begin with renting a North Dakota cabin on Lake Metigoshe.

The first thing that should be established is that renting a cabin in this area of North Dakota isn't seasonal. While most people prefer to visit during the summer months thanks to countless amenity and activity options, others enjoy staying here in the winter for skiing purposes. Lake Metigoshe is just south of the Canadian border and near the Turtle Mountains. This makes for great skiing and snowmobiling in the winter and superb scenery in the summer. As far as snowmobiling goes, you will have over 250 miles of trails to explore. Popular summer activities include golf, fishing, sailing, water skiing, canoeing, hiking and bike riding. Of course, in order to have easier access to the majority of these activities, it's recommended that you rent a lakefront cabin. While it's still possible to rent a canoe, sailboat or bicycle from a nearby rental facility, it's much more enjoyable when you bring your own equipment. When you take this approach, everything is quieter and more private. You will appreciate using all five senses in this natural environment. If you own your own boat, be sure to rent a cabin with its own private boat dock.

While acreage for cabin rentals in this area is often impressive, most cabin rentals here are on the small side – 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. These cabins usually sleep 4 and are pet friendly. If you choose to rent a cabin in Bottineau, North Dakota, also be sure to visit the International Peace Garden.

If you would like to live in North Dakota yet you don't want to own a home, consider renting an apartment in Medora. What makes Medora unique is that it's located right in the Lake Missouri National Grassland, which makes it perfect for nature lovers. At the same time, it's also right on Interstate 94 and there is a downtown to enjoy. Downtown Medora offers dozens of shops and restaurants, live entertainment, museums, movies and more. Golf is also a popular activity in this area.

The average apartment for rent in Medora is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, which is larger than the average apartment in most areas. These apartments are so spacious that they can fit up to 10 people. However, 6 people is a comfortable fit. Whether you're looking to rent an apartment with friends, if you're retired, or you have kids, Medora apartments should be strongly considered. In addition to convenience and being kid friendly, most of the apartments here come with some impressive features. These features include designer furnishings and professional decorations. It's also possible to find apartments with balconies and fireplaces. You're always likely to find full kitchens, large dining areas, a washer and dryer and cable TV. If you're apartment doesn't come with a balcony, it should come with a deck that includes rocking chairs. This is a great way to unwind, enjoy the fresh air and watch for wildlife.

Whether you're looking for lakeside cabin rentals, house rentals, duplexes or apartment rentals, you're likely to enjoy it in North Dakota. The relaxation and adventure opportunities are endless. Stay for a while. You will be pleasantly surprised!