Furnished Apartments for Rent in Idaho (1)

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1 Bed/1 Bath - Apartment for Rent - $1435

6240 N Park Meadow Way

Boise, ID 83713
$1,595 - $1,995/mo

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Idaho is a rugged Rocky Mountain state known for its stunning natural beauty. Outdoors men and women will always find something to do, from hiking in the summer to skiing in the winter. Life in Idaho is an experience in the great American wilderness that will stay with you for a lifetime. If you are thinking about moving to Idaho, consider a furnished rental. Not only do furnished rentals cut down on moving costs, many are also designed with impeccable Northwest motifs that bring out the natural beauty of the region.

Furnished homes and other rentals such as rooms for rent can be found in Idaho's urban cities like Boise, Nampa, and Pocatello. All of these cities are home to several major colleges in Idaho, and students can appreciate the value of a decent room for rent. Room rentals are often listed by landlords who own the home and are invested in the property. This is a guarantee that they will make sure the property remains in good condition. Renting a furnished room is a great option for a young person looking to live on their own.

Furnished apartments and condos are also available in urban centers. They come with furniture for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, as well as all necessary cookware. Young professionals enjoy the extra space of an entire apartment as opposed to a single room. Also, if you don't mind sharing your space with another person, getting a roommate is a very affordable option and a great way to save money. Do keep in mind, however, that most apartments are only available in Idaho's cities. They are few and far between outside of urban centers, and since most of Idaho is rural, finding an apartment away from the city can prove difficult.
Families typically need more space than an apartment or condo can offer. However, families often dread moving because of the high cost of hiring movers and renting a van. Therefore, looking into a furnished house or townhome for rent provides exceptional value. Homes can be found in all regions of Idaho, from urban Boise to tourist-driven Coeur d'Alene and historic Oakley. The savings of renting a furnished home truly add up, especially when you consider large, multiple-bedroom homes. Renting a furnished home is an ideal option for families are new to the area and want the chance to explore Idaho before deciding on where to purchase a home.

Those who enjoy a more rustic lifestyle need a furnished cabin. Found in rural areas, renting a cabin is one of the best ways to experience the wilderness that Idaho has to offer. If you are looking into an extended vacation or just wanting to get away, renting a rustic cabin is the way to go. Since it is already furnished you will already have all the comforts of home without having to drag your belongings across the country. While cabins are found all over Idaho, the tourist destination cities also offer luxury cabins, combining the beauty of nature with modern necessities.