Mobile Homes for Rent in Alaska

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Since before it attained statehood in 1959, Alaska has captivated the imagination of generations of Americans. Known as the "Last Frontier" in popular culture, Alaska is the largest and least-densely populated of the 50 states. It is also one of the most beautiful, offering tourists and residents alike stunning glacial vistas, towering mountains, dark subarctic forests, and a frozen Arctic region largely untouched by human activity.

Unfortunately, with this beauty and isolation comes a relatively high cost of living and high property taxes, which have been climbing steadily in recent years. Many Alaskans are discovering the cost-saving benefits of mobile home rentals, the best way to experience all that Alaska has to offer without breaking the bank!

Alaska has more manufactured home parks per capita than almost any other state, so there's an Alaska mobile home rental for everyone. Whether you live in the Anchorage area, in Alaska's mountainous Southeast, in the Interior near Fairbanks, around the northern oilfields or even in the Unorganized Borough, the sheer number and variety of mobile home parks in the state--including many that are retiree friendly--guarantee a perfect match at the right price. Many parks are quite large and boast dozens of available rentals at any given time.

Alaska has grown considerably in recent years, especially in the Anchorage area. Due to cost constraints and the relatively short construction season, however, new residential construction has lagged and thus rents on traditional apartments have continued to increase while rents on Alaska mobile homes have remained constant or even fallen. These days, it's possible to find manufactured home rentals in Wasilla, Eagle River, and even Anchorage itself for a fraction of the cost of a standard apartment's rent. Best of all, lot rent is usually included in your monthly mobile home rent bill, simplifying your payments and giving you the best possible value for your money!

The state's thriving resource-based economy has increased pressure on Alaska's families, with many hard-working Alaskans leaving home for months at a time to work on the state's military bases, oilfields, and in its far-flung tourism industry. To combat this strain, many families are discovering the benefits of maintaining a permanent home in one place and finding an Alaska mobile home rental in another! With mobile home rents at such historically low rates, they'd be crazy not to.

Use Rental Ads and begin your search for a mobile home rental today to re-discover the joys of Alaska!