Mobile Homes for Rent in Alabama

Long recognized for its pleasant climate, historical importance, and beautiful natural assets, Alabama is also one of the best places in the nation to rent a mobile home. The state's low cost of living, booming economy and favorable demographic growth have combined in recent years to attract many new residents to its growing manufactured home parks. Whether you live in or are moving to Huntsville, Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery or one of Alabama's beautiful college towns, there is guaranteed to be a mobile home rental within your price range.

Alabama is a diverse state characterized by distinct regions. Northern Alabama, where the southern terminus of the Cumberland Plateau splits into numerous ranges of mountains and hills, is a wooded paradise perfect for lovers of the outdoors. Here you can rent a mobile home on the forested shoreline of one of the region's many small lakes or rivers and still be able to commute to Huntsville, the state's second-largest metropolitan area, for work or school. Or, if you prefer the convenience of in-town living, with easy access to shopping and dining, Huntsville itself boasts several mobile home parks with rents starting at less than rates on smaller units in the city's apartment complexes.

Central Alabama, where the hills meet the flatter coastal plain to the south, is the most densely-populated region of the state. Birmingham's booming economy specializes in technology and telecommunications, meaning there are plenty of well-paying jobs in town, while Auburn and Tuscaloosa host world-class universities. While rents here are a bit higher, one of the best perks of renting a mobile home is the fact that lot rent is included in virtually all parks. This means you have to worry about just one bill--your rent--per month, with no surprises.

Further south in Alabama, Montgomery and Mobile have established their reputations as great places to live. Montgomery, the state capital, is the most affordable big city in the state, with rents on 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1300 square-foot mobile homes in one of the city's best parks starting at under $600, with lot rent included! In Mobile there are great deals to be found as well. Situated on the stunning Gulf Coast, many of Mobile's residents work in the city's tourism industry. Imagine living just minutes from the Gulf's endless beaches and famous nightlife, dining and recreation!

With an Alabama mobile home rental, this can be your reality. Start your search today on!