Mobile Homes for Rent in Delaware

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These days, many people have turned to renting a mobile home for the long term as an economical and convenient alternative to homeownership or apartment rentals. With a mobile home, you can travel to the destination of your choice without having to sacrifice the comfort and amenities of your own home. No matter where you wish to live or visit for an extended period of time, renting a mobile home is always an attractive and affordable option. The state of Delaware is a great place to rent a mobile home for both renters and sellers. The state offers a convenient location, excellent infrastructure and a very high degree of livability.

There are many advantages to renting a mobile home in the state of Delaware. The state offers affordable gas prices as well as economical insurance rates, making your trip easy on your wallet. Delaware also boasts an excellent transportation infrastructure with well-maintained highways and easy access to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., the Jersey Shore and many other prime destinations. The state offers a number of mobile home dealers as well. Those seeking to rent out their own mobile home for profit will be pleased to know that mobile home rentals in Delaware often go for top dollar these days, meaning that now is the time to seek out renters. The state of Delaware contains many amenities that cater to mobile home renters and buyers. These include a variety of mobile home parks and campgrounds such as 3 Seasons RV Resort in Rehoboth Beach, Camp Arrowhead in Millsboro and several others.

Once you've rented an RV or mobile home for the long term, you're sure to enjoy life in Delaware. While small, Delaware packs a punch when it comes to amenities as well as fascinating things to see and do. Long term mobile home renters will find a modest cost of living, great museums and cultural institutions to visit and an abundance of parks and recreational centers.

Wilmington, the state's largest city, is definitely worth a visit while renting a mobile home for the long term. Wilmington is home to a bevy of museums, historic landmarks, cultural institutions and other attractions. Some of these include Rodney Square, the Riverfront district, the Brandywine Zoo, the Delaware Art Museum, the Delaware History Museum and the historic Nemours Mansion and Gardens.

Dover, the state capital, is filled with interesting attractions as well. These include the Dover Downs Casino and Horse Racetrack, the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village and the Air Mobility Command Museum.

Nearby, Rehoboth Beach boasts incredible seaside views and is a great place to relax on a hot summer day while Fenwick Island is a leisurely and quiet escape.

Long term mobile home rentals are an increasingly attractive option for both prospective renters and those looking to rent out their mobile home. The strong market for such rentals, combined with Delaware's affordable living costs and plentiful amenities, make it one of the top states for long term mobile home rentals.