Mobile Homes for Rent in Maryland

In recent years, more and more Americans have turned to renting out a mobile home for the long term as an affordable and practical alternative to buying a house, renting an apartment or leasing a new condo. Long term mobile home renters enjoy a number of benefits over traditional homeowners and apartment renters. Mobile homes offer the advantage of mobility, a large degree of customization and cost far less than a new house or apartment. Just as importantly, they are not subject to the sudden whims of the traditional real estate and mortgage markets. The huge increase of long term mobile home renters is testament to their growing popularity and success. The state of Maryland offers many benefits to mobile home renters.

Maryland mobile home renters enjoy a moderate cost of living, affordable gas prices and insurance costs and plentiful amenities and attractions. Maryland also offers close proximity to Washington, D.C. and the many attractions of nearby states like Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Maryland mobile homes are highly affordable and practical for everyone from families to young professionals to retirees. The state boasts a large and fast growing mobile home community and many amenities that cater directly to mobile home renters and owners. Maryland offers a wide array of mobile home parks and communities such as Flower Village Mobile Home Park in Upper Marlboro, Lexington Mobile Home Community in Lexington, Fountain Green Mobile Home Park in Bel Air, Todd Village Mobile Home Park in Finksburg, Severn Mobile Home Park in Severn, Beltway Mobile Home Park in Baltimore and many more. The state's market for both renters and sellers has been particularly strong in recent years as well.

Maryland offers a number of attractions and sites of interest to visit and live in for long term mobile home renters. Baltimore, filled with charm and history, is a great place to visit or live. The city boasts attractions like the Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium, the Maryland Zoo, the Maryland Science Center, Fort McHenry and a wide range of shops and restaurants. Annapolis has much to offer as well, such as Sandy Point State Park and a plethora of shops, cafes and restaurants to sample. Other great places to live or visit in Maryland include the Eastern Shore, Frederick and Great Falls.

With its exceptionally strong market for both renters and sellers, wide range of mobile home parks and communities and modest cost of living, Maryland is a great deal for prospective long term mobile home renters.