Mobile Homes for Rent in Vermont

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Living in Vermont consists of lush green Summers, spectacularly colored Autumns, picture-postcard Winters and beautifully budding Springs. The Green Mountains and Lake Champlain provide outdoor lovers with unending activities year round. For those who prefer indoor activities, Vermont is a crafters' paradise and boasts of many antique shops throughout the state. There are museums full of Vermont history to explore. There are also upscale factory outlets, such as Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers, to browse. With a population under 800,000, and a very low crime rate, this New England state is perfect for singles, families and retirees.

A great way to set down Vermont roots is to rent a mobile home. Mobile homes can be a terrific value, and provide as much space as a stick-built home in many cases. Similar to apartment rental though, the occupant is not responsible for maintenance and just pays a monthly fee to the owner. These homes can be rented within an established mobile home community or, if you prefer more privacy, you may rent such a home on a larger piece of property. Let's look at the types of mobile homes available.

Newer mobile homes are often referred to as manufactured homes. Due to better construction, they are no longer considered the trailers of old. These homes come in single-wide and double-wide designs. For young adults and families, the single-wide option is best because of its lower cost. While narrower than a regular apartment, it provides a kitchen, bathroom, living area and bedrooms in a most comfortable space. If your rental agreement requires you to pay for your heating separately, a singlewide mobile home is a great value because it is less expensive to heat such a compact area.

Doublewide homes are becoming more popular due to their increasing size. Often meeting or exceeding 1700 square feet of living space, this choice is for those who would love to live in a house but simply cannot afford the price. Rooms in a double wide are more squarely shaped offering little difference from a stick-built home. For the larger family, this is the perfect option.

The amenities available in mobile homes are growing as well. Renters may choose a home with a fireplace, stainless steel appliances and whirlpool tubs. Master suites with private bath are available in many doublewide homes now.

What could be better than a comfortable, inexpensive mobile home in a gorgeous Vermont setting?