Pet Friendly Condos for Rent in West Virginia (0)


Prospective tenants in West Virginia who are searching for pet friendly rentals may be pleasantly surprised to find it can be fast and easy to locate rental properties where pets are allowed. A quick search of will reveal there are numerous types of pet friendly rental properties available throughout the state of West Virginia. Whether you are trying to find a pet friendly rental in Harpers Ferry, Wheeling, Morgantown, Charleston or Beckley, an online search can help you to locate just what you are looking for.

In the past, many landlords were often reluctant to allow tenants to have pets because they were concerned about the damage dogs and cats might do to their property. Fortunately, many landlords have now reversed this decision and are allowing tenants to have pets in their rental properties. One of the reasons for this is that many landlords have recognized the increasing size of the rental market and that a large percentage of prospective tenants do have pets. Offering a pet friendly rental in West Virginia can help to make a property much more appealing and make it available to a larger number of rental prospects. In addition, many landlords have found they are able to charge more for rent for a property that is pet friendly to account for the risk that may be incurred.

When searching for pet friendly rentals in West Virginia, prospective renters should keep a few factors in mind. The requirements and restrictions of a pet friendly rental may vary due to the fact that the properties are owned and managed by private landlords. As a result, some landlords may restrict the number of pets you may have in their rental property. Other landlords may require that pets be under a certain weight limit. To avoid any confusion, it is always best to ask upfront whether there are any possible restrictions or rules regarding a pet friendly rental. You should also find out whether the landlord requires an additional pet deposit on the rental and if they do require an additional deposit, the amount of the deposit.

There are numerous different types of pet friendly rentals available throughout West Virginia, including mobile homes for rent, house rentals, apartments for rent, duplex rentals, condo rentals, lake houses for rent, rent to own properties and furnished pet friendly rentals. To make sure you choose a rental that will be best for your needs, consider the size of the rental as well as where it is located. Many people find it most convenient to rent a property that is near where they work. Finding a pet friendly rental near public transportation can also be convenient. Finally, consider whether the property is fenced to ensure your pets will be safe in your new home.